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Advantages And Disadvantags Of The Mobile Phone

The invention of the mobile phone has changed our lives forever. For some life would be unimaginable without it. However there are some advantages and disadvantages using mobile phone technology.


The mobile phone is a wireless device which gives you the advantage of being able to communicate from almost anywhere across the globe. Most cell phones with multimedia features like e-mail, data programs and applications, allow the user to be able to conduct business from any location. Some high-tech mobile phones come with GPS technology, to assist you should you get lost.

Mobile phones are used regularly in emergency situations. Parents allow their children mobile phones to be able to communicate and keep track of their whereabouts. In many cases the built in GPS device in a mobile phone has helped police to locate and successsfully find missing children.


Many mobile phone users, teenagers and young adults in particular have become addicted to the mobile phone. This has become a serious problem especially if they drive and text at the same time. Recent studies show that there has been an increase in motor car accidents where it was found that either the driver or the victim was using a mobile phone at the time of the accident. Studies also indicated that it is just as dangerous to text while driving than to drive under the influence of alcohol. Negative health issues such as microwave radiation, male infertility and irregular sleep patterns have also emerged as being the side effects of mobile usage.

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